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From time to time I will share my experiments with both old and new products that I use in my collages and mixed media work. There always seems to be new products and new ways to use all those paints, pastels, crayons, markers, etc. that all of us buy.

Recently I used Kroma Krackle, which is just what the name implies. There are several manufacturers but I used the Kroma Krackle at a group art session.

It is a semi-opaque gel that you can use on its own or mix it with a small amount of acrylic paint. Spread it on your surface with a brush or palette knife. As it dries (which can take overnight) cracks will appear. The thicker the lawyer, the bigger the cracks. I used a heat gun to speed up the drying, which worked well.

As you can see from the two examples you can make a more all over effect or apply sparingly in thin dribs and drabs. The results are surprising and I like the texture it gives to an artwork.

I cut small rectangle from some of my experiments and made very nice greeting cards. I also spread the crackle/paint combination on magazine images which resulted in a layered, dense look that was appealing. Add marks with paint pens or markers for more interest and to show the hand of the artist.

This is a good addition to add to your repertoire of
paper decorating techniques. For more information simply Google Kroma Krackle.

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