picture of the week

This collage is titled “When I Turn Blue” and uses paint, pastels, graphite and magazine cuttings.
Faces appear intentionally and accidentally in my work and I like to say I do self portraits that don’t look like me.

Here is a case in point. The background was made in a mixed media class and constituted a “start”.
Starts are so fun and easy to make and they usually spark excitement and enthusiasm. Then the difficult work begins to finish it into a piece of art.

Using the paint blobs as a starting point I began pulling out a face which I did not like at all. So the search began in my stash of images and I found a perfect fit in size and color.

Once the faced was glued on I could see the path forward to finishing it by expanding the hair and adding a few abstract blue shapes to the face.

The two straight lines were added in place of a torso as I thought the open space ironically, would be more engaging.

Take away from this piece-keep playing and adding layers and trust your instincts.

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