Monthly Archives: July 2014

Artisinal Bread – here and now

IMAG0690 (1)I have been experimenting with the Jim Lahy no knead bread recipe. This handsome loaf was made with 1 cup rye flour and two cups white flour. After a day and a half of “rising”, it was baked at 450 degrees for 75 minutes which yields a crust that fights back. Really delicious slathered with butter.

Exchange art

photo 2This was a holdover from some window mail art I have been exchanging with an artist in Greenwich Village in New York. It will be on its way shortly.

Back in the Bershires

photo 1Back in the Berkshires with green hills all around ,so I mixed some greens in watercolor just as a warm-up exercise. Changing locations always seems inspiring but takes a little adjustment to using what is on hand and starting something new.