Monthly Archives: May 2014

A fun doorway

I spotted this doorway/mailbox arrangement in the Art Deco area of Brusselsphoto (15)

A fine student does some fine work

I am teaching watercolor at the Carter Burden Covello Senior Center in East Harlem. This is a student study which was very (14)

“Swords into plowshares”

IMAG0462Here’s one to feel ambivalent about. Cute AND evocative. From the Affordable Art Fair.

Having too much fun . . .

. . . to really deserve or need this, but its all part of the fun. This is me with my “You make a difference” medal (all the teachers were “awarded” one at an appreciation party)IMAG0524. I really enjoy the time spent teaching and learning at The Covello Center since the first of the year. Its been an opportunity to develop new friends and appreciation of a new (to me) neighborhood. In the background is one of my larger pieces constructed from handmade papers. It, unfortunately, did not sell in my show earlier this year so you get to see it.

Not exactly art . . .

photo (11) . . . but this very friendly cat wouldn’t leave me alone and I thought this straight down shot of him came out rather arty.

Maria Lassnig

photo (8)One of the many self portraits from her show currently at PS1 in Long Island City in Queens.