Monthly Archives: April 2014

Pole Dancing Collages

photo (6)You’ve heard of pole dancing? You’ve heard of collage? Now you’ve seen some “pole dancing collages” . . . spotted on the way home on East 11th Street.

Open For Interpretation

photo (5)I found this on Lexington Avenue recently. Make of it what you will.

Curb Scanning Results

photo (4)You never know what you will find on the curb in NYC.

Mandalas All Around

photo (3)Temperatures close to 70 degrees brought out throngs of people today in New York City. One person was making a Tibetan sand mandala near the entrance to Washington Square Park. It was a beauty and even had sparking sand. Maybe the right kind of project – temporary and subject to the elements. No inventory to store.

A Well Tagged Delivery Truck

photo (2)Spotted in the fashion district a wild and crazy delivery truck.

Dog Days in the City

photo (1)Oh, to be able to nap like this.

Self Portrait Indulgence

photoAnother self portrait done for a show of 5×5 inch works. I worked this one in fluorescent papers from my collection.