Monthly Archives: March 2014

Pawel Althamer at the New Museum

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photo 1Pawel Althamer has the entire New Museum and has a public component on the fourth floor where anyone can paint the walls, chairs even the floor. I participated with a non – profit organization and my effort resulted in a bird-like figure you see here.
Since the project goes on into April everything will be covered many times over. At the conclusion of the show it will be peeled apart, cut up and given to the public.

International Recycling

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photo 2These two pieces of mail art are one of my favorite ways to work. My son sent an envelope from Singapore with a card inside. I kept the envelope and stamp and reconfigured them into a small collage and sent it back to him. So enjoyable to recycle.

Itajime Papers

photoThis Asian paper decorating technique is related to tie dye using inks and folds. Amazing patters result like magic. I will be teaching this technique on March 20 at The Ink Pad. Here’s a link to The Ink Pad if you care to join the class and the fun.–events.htm