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Escargot on 27th Street

photo (10)Walking home I spot this huge flat bed truck parked carrying 7 oversized snails. The taxi pulled up and blocked some of the drama , but hey, it’s New York. Wonder if the destination was Madison Square Park ? Time will tell. (They’ve been popping up around town, Central Park for a while; Lincoln Center a bit later)

My First Solo NYC Show

I thought you might like to see some pics that our good friend and avid photographer, Ron Stemple, took at the opening reception last Thursday night for my first NYC solo show at the Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea.20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-231

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-45

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-34

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-27

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-24

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-18

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-27

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-24

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-241

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-169

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-140

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-106

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-54

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-45

20140220_PHOTO WORK_0001-34

Ralph Lauren building

photo (9)As I live in NYC longer it takes more and more to stop me in my tracks. However, this building mural being painted in the polar vortex did.

Where did he come from?

photo (7)This is my wonderful spouse at Five Points right before they started demolishing the building which was a legitimate spot for graffiti and street artists in Long Island City, Queens. A moment of silence , please

Very excited about my first solo show in NYC

My first solo show in New York opens next week at the Carter Burden Gallery (548 West 28th Street) on Thursday, February 13th. The opening reception is from 6-8 PM. I’d love to see all of you there.

I’ve attached a scan of the gallery’s show card and here’s a link to Carter Burden’s press release with more details.