Monthly Archives: December 2013

Let’s Roll

Let's RollThis soapbox type entry just screamed for skeletal alteration. It’s jarring, strange and it is in someone’s garage.

Frantic Flight

Frantic FlightThis was done as a Halloween card and has a fitting feel of the black arts at work at that time of year.

The Rotunda

The RotundaIf you are considered pretty you have a much easier time in the world, even if you are in the insect world. I liked the ambiguous space these papers suggested with the butterfly in flight and the spiders attached somewhere in the cavernous ceiling

The Baroque

The BaroqueThe giant ants return in a different setting.

Big G for Goodness

Big G for GoodnesThis collage harks back to a purchase of a big wooden “G” from a woodworker friend from way back. The big G graced our walls for many years and we still own it. Finding this red G in my stash I quickly assembled this piece, trying for minimalism and whiteness.