Monthly Archives: November 2013

Bugs In The Belfry

Bugs in the BelfryThe background is one of my favorite ways of doodling and coming up with interesting shapes that may or may not reappear in other pieces. Five is my lucky number as it is the number of people in my immediate family so I buy stamps or stencils with this numeral.
I like the interesting bodies of insects and even more so when they are large and become menacing or at least more noticeable. That is what is going on in this piece.

Peter Schumann at the Queens Museum

photo (2)We visited the newly renovated museum on Saturday and the major exhibit was by Mr. Schumann called “The Shatterer “. Two huge galleries were filled with black and white sculptures, huge puppets, handmade books and wall drawings. The title refers to his childhood under the Nazis when world shattering was the law of the land. It was a disturbing but fascinating exhibit.

The Great Prreoccupation

The Great PreoccupationIt pervades our society and our thinking almost all of the time. It is truly the root of all evil but also the branches of prosperity and happiness. It infects your brain and colors your vision and is in the background of all of human endeavor. You cannot escape its grasp.

Mona in Check

Check MonaThe checkerboard is encroaching on the Mona. Who will win?

Caught in the Net

Caught in the NetSomewhere I found this great piece of handmade paper with a grid embedded in string. The “images” are not quite images, just snippets of books, playing cards and a piece of currency. It symbolizes how pieces of our lives get caught up in events totally beyond our control with money always being an issue. It all comes down to $$$$$$$$.