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Mer Ka Ba

TempleIMG_20131011_153647.523ThreeAsFour presents a very unique multi-media installation at The Jewish Museum on 5th Avenue. This image is from their (sort of) inside out “Temple” which seems designed to reflect what it sees. A rather disorienting experience.


Memorial I enjoy writing and especially letter writing. As it fades away from our lives, I keep the few letters I receive and memorialize them in my work. The candles are an obvious but necessary reminder of the brevity of our existence. Connections in whatever from they take are important.


EnglandiaAll of the papers in this piece I found in the Oxfam Book store in Bristol. Always a lover of maps, even though I am very directionally challenged, I see them as one more attempt to order and control our world, even though it is only possible to a small extent.

Goats in the Trees

Goats in the TreesThis piece was prompted by our visit to Morocco a few years ago. Goats love to eat nuts from the Argon trees that only grow there. As you drive around you see the goats, sometimes several in a tree which is quite a sight. Of course they don’t have legs like the ones here, but it worked to place the piece in the realm of the surreal.

Desigual sale @ 261 W. 36th

Desigual is one of my favorite “arty” clothing stores AND they’re having a sale tomorrow (14 Oct 2013). Their style is, perhaps, a bit edgy for some but is a lot of fun. MM, the art slave, took these pics of the store a while back. The fuzzy one was a “mistake” that we both liked.


By Sea, By Train

By Sea, By TrainI was trying for a surreal impact with this collage which, for me, I achieved. I am very afraid of water in large quantities and it does seem wherever you go there are vast bodies of water. I did this collage while in Britain, an island, and now I live on another island.
Go figure.

Lisa Nilsson at Pavel Zoubok

IMAG0192Lisa Nilsson’s human body cross-sections, done with extreme detail with quilling, are exquisite and beautiful. Her well attended show opened last evening at The Pavel Zoubok Gallery on West 26th Street and is well work a visit.

A Couple Street Finds

A Trash Can on Irving Place. I think they belonged to the Wicked Witch of the West who is in town for the big holiday.

photo 1By accident I came across this installation by Yoko Ono. You simply write a wish on a white tag and tie it to the tree. She has done this in several cities and museums and eventually all of the wish tags will be sent to the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland created in 2007 by Ono in memory of her late husband. A lovely and touching 3

Purple Salsa

photo (1)While there is a fair number of food items that are purple (grapes, eggplant), there aren’t many that are THIS purple! I found these unusual (to me) variegated purple tomatillos at the Union Square Greenmarket the other day. Taste is pretty much like green ones but since its not “Salsa Verde”, i’ll need to consult my Spanish dictionary.

Banksy in NYC

The renowned Bristol, England based street artist Banksy is reportedly in New York and working the walls. These I caught by accident walking home yesterday. I love his work which I saw all over Bristol when living 1photo 2