Monthly Archives: September 2013

Save and Maze

Save and MazeThis is a complicated piece using lots of my favorite papers like maps, mazes, chairs and chandeliers. I found some old grocery store stamps at a flea market and had to buy them since it reminded me of the afternoons my Mother and I would paste S&H Green Stamps into books getting us closer to that mixer or small rug. Mazes and maps are metaphors for finding your way through life, something we all do everyday.

Remnants I & II

Remnants II_NEWRemnants I_NEWI have been using a lot of yellow lately and both of these postcards, which are destined for my sons, were made as I cleaned my desk from last night. They could be called End of Day like the mottled glass vases that used to be made in factories to use all the fragments. My mother had several of these and I still remember a particularly vibrant orange and yellow one that must have emerged after all these years.

Dialogue of Chairs

Dialogue of ChairsA long time ago we had a printer that would periodically go wonky . While annoying, I saved some of the pages and that it was I used here. The rest of it was purely chance-finding a little sketch of chairs and a left over oval.


TeaserYou can see I am influenced by Magritte from this piece. I like the accidental word on the tail and it looks like a rather cruel person is tempting the cat but the cat is doing what they do best-being oblivious.

NY Art Book Fair

photoArt Book FairI recently attended the New York Art Book Fair at PS1 Contemporary Museum In Long Island City. This annual event has around 250 exhibitors showing artists’ books, periodicals, zines, monographs and other ephemera. A real paradise for book lovers and paper hounds. As always, the range of expression is astounding in its inventiveness and originality. I was there over 6 hours and still didn’t see all of it. Fortunately they have a good cafe where you can grab lunch and a drink and sit outside. The fair is sponsored by a book store in Chelsea called Printed Matter and has a great reputation resulting in vendors from all over the world.

Looking For A Rowboat


The ink blots have grown. I actually did these in a conference at the Creative Center, where I teach. We did several ink blots and then went searching for images. Adding a few lines for oars and animal features, brought me to this conclusion.

Two Birds Talking

9646632043_51a8bb9c09Surrealism always creeps into my pieces when I am not looking and this is an example. The background is wallpaper painted on the reverse side. Other papers are wrapping paper (the great purple glitter) and magazine papers. The birds are having a conversation about fleeting time, signified by the candles which are both positive and negative shapes. I leave the rest of the interpretation up to you,.

A Flying Clock

Flying ClockWhirling through space, a very pastel, lovely sky at that, is the clock face disintegrating as it speeds along. It brings to mind all the old sayings about time, the great equalizer.

Two Male Figures with Window

9646653827_44e59f468c_oBeing an admirer of Renee Magritte, I have attempted many surreal and dada-like works. This small piece has a strange and detached feel and very ambiguous space.

After Basquiat

After BasquiatI have always admired Basquiat’s work for its raw power and courage. This is a little homage to that spirit I did very quickly with squeezable fabric paint. It is good to use unconventional tools like this, since you can’t erase – you just have to keep going. Like life.