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Self Portrait #31

SP31-5x7This self-portrait started with a drawing with scissors session using my own painted papers. As the shapes fell to the table, I noticed a few that resembled eyes, lips, etc. So with some additional snipping and refinement, I was able to build a face. Even though it does not look like me, I think of all the spikes emanating from my head as ideas for future projects.

Self Portrait #29

SP29-4x6Dots and circles always seem to find their way into my work. This was begun with a sharpie marker and a grey gessoed background. I used tiny dots to build facial features. The “spikes” reappear here in a more melting form. White ink emphasized the eyes and lips and with that I decided to stop. As everyone knows, stopping in time is very important.

A couple of other sites . . .

You may want to check out a couple of other artist blogs that are happening now (or just happened). Dawn’s trip is just ending and Debi’s is just beginning.
From Dawn Nelson:
Most folks know, but for anyone who does not, I got this incredible grant to travel this summer through my school system. I will be going to Istanbul, Venice, and Berlin, and taking a few side trips as well. My flight to Istanbul departs on Monday, July 15th.

As part of the grant, I will be doing a blog about my travels for the students and for whomever else is interested.

From Debi Pendell:
In order to keep in touch with many people while I’m on this 10 week trip to France, I’ve created a blog:
If you’re interested, feel free to check it out from time to time.

Self Portrait #28 – The Empress

SP28-6x7This is an unusual image for me since it is all black and white. I began this by looking into a hand mirror and drawing very loosely and freely. The handwriting is mostly illegible but reflects my love of writing and correspondence. There must have been a gold paint marker nearby that I used for the finishing touch. Maybe this refers to my royal heritage, since I am TE (The Empress).

Graffiti vs. Vintage


Maybe graffiti will be some of the last vestiges of writing. The graffiti label is compliments of the Post Office. A few small rubbings and more old letters make up this composition.

Taking a break from art today . . .

MM and I are just back from Austin, TX where we helped our son, Elliott and Andrea Ryan marry. They had put together a wonderful, inclusive, friend supported (there were eight homemade craft beers contributed by friends) ceremony. Here’s a bit about the two of them and their near term plans. We are proud of both of them and ecstatic that Andrea and Elliott has joined our families. E&A wedding1E&A Wed Anncmt

Opposites Repel

Opposites RepelAt the other extreme is this spare composition which only needed a few graphite lines to hold it together. The colors are unusual and subdued. It would be a good challenge to try one like this on a large scale.


NoiseSome areas of the wallpaper were extremely busy but intriguing to me. I isolated this piece and like the complimentary colors and the feeling of energy it conveys.

Larry Alice at SAW

IMG_6646IMG_6635IMG_6636 Yesterday MM and I joined friends from the Eclipse Mill for a lovely ride to Salem, NY for the opening of Larry Alice’s painting and sculpture shoe in the Cary House Gallery at the Salem Art Works (SAW) “farm”. To quote a bit from the lit (all of which I agree with), Larry Alice brings humor to the dark side of the human psyche using cartoon-like imagery. As well as his works on canvas, his show includes Alice’s sculpture in which he examines inanimate object exhibiting reactionary qualities.IMG_6637IMG_6645 IMG_6644 IMG_6641We especially enjoyed Larry’s “Chair Throwing Chair” and his detailed explanation of why the “cartoons’ work for him.

After the opening Anthony, SAW’s director unleashed his suburban to take six of us on a tour of the 160 acre property with its great views and many site installations. Over the summer it is thronging with creative people of all disciplines and ages. Well worth a visit any time you might be in the area.

Rule Breaker on Wallpaper

Rule BreakerOops, speaking of breaking rules, got a sequence problem here . . . but, onward! Who likes rules? One of the first things you learn is to not place your focal point in the center of the piece. That is why they call it dead center, but the contrast in color and the energetic marks on the cube as well as the background make it work. So much for rules.