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Self Portrait #33

SP33 - 16x20Another mono print from a linoleum plate. My visage is kind of hiding among the random ink smudges looking out but hoping not to be seen.

Mass MOCA #4

Jason Middlebrook has examined numerous human interventions in the lanscape. These range from the suburban yard to the Alaskan Pipeline. In “My Landscape” he attempts to bring the spectacle of the outdoors inside. The centerpiece is a towering 30 foot waterfall made from re-purposed Styrofoam blocks that cascades through three pools. This is accompanied by his interpretation and blending of the growth rings on massive sheets of timber.IMAG0105IMAG0106

Mass MOCA #3

IMAG0114Mark’s “room” was a tough installation to get an image of that conveyed it. Fortunately, MM the photographer was able to use the security guard’s mirror as a “prop”. Who says all this oversight is bad. In Mark’s words, “This work is about the artist is retreat, disconnected from the social experience, feeling a sense of melancholy and pessimism. It is a waiting room, which speaks perhaps to the possibility of hope”. I thought it was more fun than that.IMAG0108IMAG0109

Map Cards I & II

Map Card 001 Map CardThe postcard collage series grew out of my habit of sending a weekly postcard to my sons when we lived in Britain. Gradually I decided to make my own cards as a way of using some of my storehouse of papers and as a way of making them more personal.
These two are part of that communication series. My son Elliott gave me a large book called “Atlas Major” which has reproductions of ancient maps, which I mine and were used here. The windows reference old New York and the small repeats of a person are Warholian. The hare? I just like rabbits.

Mass MOCA #2

IMAG0112In Tom Philips words: “I have so far extracted from his book well over a thousand segments of poetry and prose and have yet ro find a situation, sentiment or thought which his words cannot be adopted to cover. That Mallock and I were destined to collaborate across a century became quite clear when I tested other fictions and discovered nothing to equal him in the provocation of fresh conflations and conjunctions of word and phrase.” In Johnny Carrera’s words: ‘ . . . a book filled with disparate images, such as those from the Webster’s, could be an artistic experiment to test my hypothesis on the origin of creativity: that new ideas arise from the recombination of old ideas.”IMAG0113IMAG0111

Mass MOCA #1

IMAG0116In Xu Bing’s words, “I went to a construction site and I was shocked. China has so many modern buildings, but you can’t imagine how poor the working conditions and primitive living situations were. There is a huge contrast. That was when I decided to use waste materials. I wanted to use waste materials form the building construction to create a piece of works that hangs inside the building itself. I thought that could have meaning because this building was very extravagant. As I saw it, using garbage and construction waste to make a piece of work would make the building look even more extravagant. They complement each other. The material would make the building look even grander and this grandeur would make the phoenixes look even rougher and more authentic.IMAG0119IMAG0129 IMAG0135 IMAG0122

Picasso Portrait

Picasso - 9x12Over the years I have done a few portraits from photos of two people – Einstein and Picasso. The Einstein portrait belongs to my son and sadly, I have no idea what happened to this original. Too many moves and too many art shows, I guess. Anyway, it was a pencil sketch that I was very happy with as I felt I captured a likeness which can be very elusive. I especially like the penetrating gaze which seems to follow you. Maybe it is still around in my studio somewhere. . . .

Self Portrait #30 – In Therapy

SP30-4x6Not really sure what state of mind I was in when I sketched this. It is the kind of image I imagine an art therapist having a lot say about it, if given the chance. I will leave it up to you.

Towel Rack Redux Redone

This smacks of “Stop Me Before I Collage Again” but I did it nevertheless. We picked up a small rack with hangers somewhere being the scroungers we are and I just could not look at its Marshall’s design sensibility one day longer. So I traced Robert’s hand any my own hand and began cutting the shapes in different kinds of papers like sheet music and hand painted paper. I added a couple of images of birds , a cat face with windows for eyes, and some night sky and it was transformed. An enjoyable little project to personalize a very utilitarian object.IMAG0094

Self Portrait #32

SP32-5x8I really like this ghost-like visage. Often, when you allow yourself to play and mess around, interesting things happen. Honestly I can’t recall how this one came about, but based on my working habits, I would say I was using white gesso to eradicate something underneath. While the gesso was wet, I used the end of my brush to scratch in the features. Spooky looking, so I kept it.