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Oh, no! Its Rorschach again . . . last time, I promise

An easy one with 3 images in this ink blot.


Rorschach redux

It is the ink blot game again.Four images, both animal and human.


Executing Rorschach

While playing with ink blots for a class segment about seeing vs. looking, I began developing these postcard-sized ink blots into as many creatures and things I could eke out of them by adding pencil lines and white ink. See if you can find 4 different critters in this one.


Forbidden Colors

Using some of the painted papers from my boot-camp workshop to do some of my postcard collages, I decided to use one of my “forbidden” colors, green. Actually I do use green, but only in a supporting role.
So I gathered all the green acrylic paints and inks I had in my studio and began working. These two pieces are the result and I did find it a bit of a challenge. I think most of us have a “go to” palette of favorite colors, but it is easy to fall into a rut. Shake things up a bit, even if it is just a little by trying a color or color combination you don’t really like.


Boot Camp Basic Training

IMG_0002Recently I taught a mixed media boot camp workshop in Connecticut. Two days were spent painting, distressing and decorating various types of paper. The papers were used in the final day for self-portraits. Continuing to explore ways to use these papers, led me to try some abstracts, two of which have a definite landscape feel.

By painting over the papers, applying alcohol and using other media, like oil pastels, they can serve as a starting point for any number of compositions. By including  your own papers you add your distinctive colors and marks to an underlying or overlying layer of your work. In other words, don’t hesitate to use those beautiful papers. If you find it difficult, make a sample book by cutting a small square from one corner, gluing it into a journal and writing notes about how it was made. IMG_0006

Ricardo Chavarria @ The Proposition


Image06232013152806Ricardo Chavarria’s paintings which just left The Proposition on Extra Place were a delight to catch especially on the last day of the show. They are large, mesmerizing and use an impressive, original technique. He uses plastic syringes and squeeze bottles to place thick paint in impressive geometric patterns. The pictures don’t do justice to an in person viewing, so see them when/where you are able. And, BTW, he sold three of the five pieces in the show. Congratulations, Ricardo!

Fleur de Lin; Self portrait #1

Off and on I do self-portraits, some as demos in my classes and some just for the fun of it. They can start with a line or a scribble or a piece of paper that catches my attention. The triggers to create these are many and some are not easily explained. From time to time I will post some of these portraits and attempt to decipher my motivations, feelings and describe the materials uses.

Holding on to outdated means of communication inspired this portrait. Irises are one of my favorite flowers and I have always had an affinity for anything involving paper, pen and writing. So I still write letters and really enjoy it right down to selecting commemorative stamps at the post office. My catholic schooling probably also played a part, for I was always praised for my neat letters and handwriting by the nuns. The background is a letter from a dear friend, a monoprint cut into a flower and an appropriated arm from somewhere.

Final phase of The Highline with Carol Bove

MM and I toured the last section of Chelsea’s Highline Park yesterday. The section from 30th to 34th Streets is just beginning the process to take it from defunct and wild to integrated with the currently open sections South of 30th. Carol Bove was commissioned to provide seven sculptures, collectively called “Catepillar”, that will be on display there for the next year. It was great to be able to visit this wildly popular park while it is still under development.  Timed tickets are available for free from The tour is casual and unstructured making it very pleasant. Some images from the visit are below.

2013-06-21 16.49.41 2013-06-21 16.52.21 2013-06-21 16.53.15 2013-06-21 16.54.58 2013-06-21 16.57.30 2013-06-21 17.25.57 2013-06-21 16.26.04 2013-06-21 16.32.19 2013-06-21 16.36.00 2013-06-21 16.38.54 2013-06-21 16.40.38 2013-06-21 16.42.33 2013-06-21 16.44.46 2013-06-21 16.47.23

More historical New York via 404 E 14th

The Tibor de Nagy Gallery on 5th Avenue opened 404 E 14 last evening. The show includes 16 artists who at one time or another, starting in the 1960s, lived or had studios at 404 East 14th Street in the East Village.404-2It was among the first in NY to become an artist building and remains so. The artists include Frank Bowling, Allen Ginsberg, Yayoi Kusama, Larry Rivers and Claes Oldenburg. 404-3 404-4 404-1The images here, which caught my eye, are by, from the top – Larry Rivers, Tom Burckhardt, Fred Wilson, John Chamberlin and, again, Larry Rivers.

Mola Birds

The bird images on these cards were inspired by the molas made by the Kuna Indians of Panama. Molas are decorative panels of reverse applique which are made into blouses and skirts. The stylized forms of animals, birds and flowers began a body painting but about 150 years ago were translated in fabric.



Today molas are still made the traditional way by hand and sold to tourists who often turn them into wall hangings.