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Opportunistically open

The New York Marble Cemetery is seldom open, at least when I walk by. Last weekend, lo and behold, the gates were ajar so in we go for a look. Its been there since 1831 and is one of the nicest “private” gardens I’ve discovered. Its quiet, lawn is gorgeous and, wait for it, there are benches and chairs for the “taking of a load off”. The residents are all securely out of site underground so no worries there. As this is an art blog, i’ll mention there was a plein aire  oil painter hard at work taking advantage of the infrequent opening hours. She told me she was used to sitting on the sidewalk outside and painting the scene through the locked gate. What dedication!
IMG_6356 IMG_6357 IMG_6358 IMG_6355

Its Alive!!!

This really, really great tree stump in Washington Square Park is, unfortunately, no longer alive . . . .Washington Squarebut something in there is. Can you find it?

Wandering ’bout on East 3rd Street . . .

If  you happen to pass this, obviously, female head in the East Village you might be forgiven for thinking, from this image that it might be hard to find . . . or something like that. Try not to worry. its easy to find. And its close to five stories tall.IMG_6354

Fun with splatter . . .



Using a Jackson Pollack-like technique, I used inks and a brush handle to create these splatter cards on my new favorite paper, layout bond. This paper is thin but sturdy and glues down smoothly. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Jane Alexander: Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope)

2013-05-12 12.09.27Jane Alexander’s multi-media show of photography and sculpture at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Amsterdam Ave is spooky, funny, mysterious and unsettling all at once. I thought this little guy wanted to give me a docent tour of it, but no, I was on my own. There were docent tours underway, usually parents with small children in tow. Some of the “explanations” of Alexander’s art were, IMHO, being drastically dumbed down for these young minds. Probably for the best. The show is tucked into the nooks and cranys (aka,”chapels” of the cathedral so there a double viewing benefit on old and new involved.
2013-05-12 12.18.132013-05-12 12.14.422013-05-12 12.55.12 One of the “funnier” pieces included this mouse=man, bird-man, monkey-man trio although I’m not sure Jane meant it that way.2013-05-12 12.44.03

Should you find yourself taking in the show (it runs until July 29th) make sure to stop in the Hungarian Bakery across the street for some really nice strudel and coffee to lift your spirits.

Karen Heagle: Battle Armor

Karen Heagle’s show, which recently opened at Churner and Churner on 10th Avenue @ 22nd Street, is a stunning interpretation of very masculine objects (Battle Armor, Male Peacocks, VERY Large Motorcycles) depicted on large scale paper using acrylics and gold and silver foil. The result is a shimmering view of these items being transported and reflecting modern, but very mysterious, imagery.



Impressed by the The Bowery Mission

These are views from the Bowery Mission roof garden. They’ll give a tour to anyone who stops by and is interested.

While wandering the LES on a recent festival weekend, I noticed the open doors of the The Bowery Mission. Went inside for a look, was invited to take a tour (which was conducted by the maintenance guy) and ended up being massively impressed with what they do there. The Mission has been “in business” for 110 years, is supported by donations and volunteers, and helps (or tries to help) ANYONE who is have trouble getting their life together.
Its Christian oriented but in a non-recriminating way (“you will not be punished for your sins, at least, not here”). The pictures are of and views from their current effort to “go green” on their roofs with gardens. A great visit. I left encouraged.

NADA (New Artists Dealers Alliance) Weekend Show

MM and I saw the NADA show yesterday on Pier 36 (Basketball City) yesterday. It was refreshing to attend a show where, at least it seemed so to us, so many of the exhibitors were the artists themselves. In addition and, perhaps, due to competition from the Frieze Art Fair on Randall’s island, it was relatively uncrowded. Its a nicer way to view the art and always gives a better chance to talk to the exhibitors. It was a rather rainy day but it cleared enough that we could enjoy a cup of coffee and take in the enchanting views on Brooklyn and lower Manhattan from the cafe on the pier. Plus it was fun to meet and, sort of, make friends and get a picture with “Mirror Lady”.

IMAG0872 IMAG0877 IMAG0878 IMAG0869 IMAG0870

Miles Aldridge: I Only Want You To Love Me




MM and I stumbled, pretty much by accident (we were on our way somewhere else), into an opening of a Miles Aldridge retrospective unveiled at the Steven Kasher Gallery on West 23rd Street in Chelsea. There were 20 large scale, rather garish, staged photographs making statements about women, fashion and commercialization. A varied, enthusiastic crowd including the artist, paparazzi, fashionistas and several varieties of flavored and straight vodka cocktails made for a whiz bang reception of chic opulence.

Terry Smith: Capital Revisited






Terry Smith, a London based drawing artist, collaborated with The Drawing Center to do this multi-site installation as part of ideas City 2013. The work is a re-imagining of a “capital” or column top into a five site piece that is in total 47 feet high by 51 feet high. The goal, I think, is to photograph the pieces where they located are around the East Village and create a photo montage in “putting them back together. Friends and I toured the sites with Terry (pictured) along with the basement studio where he worked to create the piece, discussing the effort along the way. The sites themselves provided a unique history of the East Village and the Lower East Side.