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An Egg-citing Time of Year (sorry ’bout that!)



Just to help out with your Easter celebration, here are a few “egg-amples” (Sorry ’bout that, again!!) of some Easter themed cards from my NTSCT (Never the Same Card Twice) small collage series. I’ll bet you can’t guess where the “EGGS” letters came from.


I start with a single black dot and add dots of different sizes randomly, aat times with my eyes closed. Clusters of dots form and begin to suggest animal and human froms all inhabiting a cosmos somewhere in space, time and imagination. Enjoy!

A try at stationery . . .



These started out as a bit of “messing around” with some stray thoughts and bits both of which were wandering lost in my studio. The set ended up, quite unintentionally, as a set of stationery products including paper, envelopes, note cards and postcards. An afternoon that was on its way to being wasted ended up productive. What do you think?

A Visit to The City Reliquary

This is Dave. Say, “Hi, Dave”. Dave and his wife started The City Reliquary in some storefront windows and with a few block parties. In 2006 they moved into a shop. Thanks to his wife, there a great gift shop with local Brooklyn made products.
This is The City Reliquary. Its at 370 Metropolitan Ave., ¬†Brooklyn where that nice guy, Dave (you met him above) hangs out. There resides a marvelous collection of NYC “relics”. You should go see them . . . and help Dave keep them together.

The current show is of turn of the (last) century postcards. Why, you might ask? Before March, 1907, any handwritten messages on a postcard were restricted to the image side. By law, the back of the card was reserved for the recipient’s name and address only. After this period “divided back” cards were invented and accepted by the UPS.


Benny Andrews at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

This is Benny Andrews, one of my favorite collagists. I met him just once, obviously before his death in 2006, when he showed some of his work at The Pump House Gallery (where I worked) in Hartford, CT. I’ve always admired the way he could convey deep and significant messages with straightforward, striking techniques. There was no mistaking what he wanted you, the viewer, to take away from the experience.

MRG now represents his estate and his work and has put together a marvelous showing of it that opened yesterday at their new space on 11th Ave. and 19th Street. Go see it; you will enjoy the experience.

Helen Hiebert at Dieu Donne

It was great to meet and hear Helen Hiebert speak about her work and life at Dieu Donne’s new location on West 36th Street last evening. Very fascinating were her thoughts on how to convert the “two dimensionality” of handmade paper into three dimensional objects. I also loved her description of her collaborations with poets and box designing architects. Her well worth a visit website is and from there you can get to her blog.1

Some things that caught my eye at The Armory Art show on the Piers this weekend.

2013-03-09 13.40.13

2013-03-09 15.31.45

2013-03-09 15.34.04

2013-03-09 15.47.11

2013-03-09 17.17.19

2013-03-09 17.29.29
The abstract textile piece by Sonia Delaunay was stunning and the watercolor (!) of NYPL branch on 10th Street was luminously captivating. I thought the protesting cigarette butts were just too funny. A BIG show that was tough to take in during a single afternoon and evening. VERY crowded and just a bit challenged by the piers still having to run on generators as a result of damage from hurricane Sandy. The Michael Rosenfeld Gallery showed a great collection of collage which will be expanded and on display at their new location (100 11th Ave @ 19th St.) after the Armory Show closes this weekend. I’ll be there

Some “not scary” skeletons at Kiehl’s Pharmacy







Kiehl’s Pharmacy, which is just up the street and has been since 1851, has a great display on of “arty” skeletons done by familiar and not-so-familiar celebrities. The description of who and why is as entertaining as “the bones” themselves. There are also some vintage motorcycles there which, to return to a rather macabre thought, might be two things that belong together.

El Anatsui at The Brooklyn Museum















There are a LOT of images in this post, but be patient and click through them. you will be rewarded. If you’re in or coming to the area, Gravity and Grace, a first in New York showing of El Anatsui’s work currently at the Brooklyn Museum is – wait for it – a MUST SEE!. He works in Nsukka, Nigeria using cheap, recycled, small(!) materials from cans lids and bottle tops meticulously wired together by his crew into massive sheets of moveable sculpture. They are mesmerizing to examine both up close and from a distance. If you go, take time to view the several videos that accompany the art as they are also excellent in describing his philosophy and process.

Frog art on the way . . . perhaps?

3rd Ave Frog
I spotted this guy (gal(?)) in the window of a “beauty” salon on Thirrd Avenue. They do good work, no? I’m feeling a need for some frog based abstract collage work coming on.