Monthly Archives: March 2012

Pool Art Fair – Flatiron

This image of a bit of “accordion book art” is from this year’s Pool Art Fair, on through the weekend at the Flatiron Toshi Hotel (26th and Broadway). There lots and lots of exciting, intriguing works by emerging artists. The format, spread across the rooms of the hotel is a fun way to view the art and, for the most part, the artists are there to discuss their work in this less formal arrangement. Last year it was at the Gershwin Hotel in the same neighborhood. Free, they do suggest a donation.

This piece is a fine segue to my Inside Out book Collage Workshop that is happening 31 Mar-1 Apr at the Farmington Valley Art Center ( in Avon, CT. Join me for the fun of ripping apart a book and turning it into a work (or a series) of art.

SVA Student Self-portrait show

A School of Visual Arts freshman class has a show of self-portraits up at their facility on West 21st. It is unique and impressive not only because of the age of the folks involved (did I mention they are freshmen?) but also for the technique. Evoking Chuck Close, all the portraits are composed of grid segments artfully developed and manipulated into a comprehensive whole. Its well worth stopping in to appreciate what these young artists are doing. Its free . . . and they’re FRESHMEN!

Paula Chung quilts in silk

Paula Chung’s quilts, worked in silk with monofilament to extraordinary detail, are on display at the City Quilter on W. 25th Street, Manhattan. This is only one example from a show that causes your jaw to drop more and more as you move from quilt to quilt. no moatter what form of art you may THINK you like, you should go see this show.