Monthly Archives: February 2012

Please To The Table

This Russian Cookbook, with its Marc Chagall inspired cover, was a real thrift store find. Published in 1990 with over 400 recipes from the 15 republics of the former Soviet Union, it represents a fascinating bit of “history on the move”. It also shows how extremely diverse the cultures and cuisines of the U.S.S.R. were and will, likely, remain for a very long time. Its packed with tidbits of information about techniques and variations that make it a fascination read in its own right – and, gratefully, no glossy pictures of finished dishes. Tonight I’m making “Farshirovanniy Rulet” which sounds much more exotic that the translation of “Russian Stuffed Meatloaf”. But with eggs, scallions and sour cream additions, its one to which I’m really looking forward.


This a collage diptych of what I’ve been up to lately. The overlapping strips of hand-painted and found papers form sometimes surprising abstractions. Its always a bit of a mystery where this particular journey will end once begun. What do you think?

“Two Heads” at The Hole

There are some fun bits of “transformational” art currently on display at Kathy Grayson’s new gallery, The Hole on Bowery. Many are original, some transform classic works with overlays of witty snipits that remind me of the 2010 Banksy exhibition in Bristol, UK. All are great fun.


Working space for an artist (Me!)

I’m looking for a small (15×15 feet or so) “artist” studio in the East Village or Lower East Side. This would be a non-living space where I could do medium sized 2D multi-media pieces. It should have a work sink on the floor and a rest room in the building; other than that almost anything will do. I’d like to keep the cost under $2.00/foot. If you know of anything like this, please give me a call at 352-219-9867 or email lynnsgall@gmail,com.


CPT: Time, History and Memory

This is Chester Higgens, a photographer I much admire for his images of the African culture. He emphasizes Ethiopia in is work.

This is his grouping of nine photos that did fine work in capturing the themes of the group show opening tonight at The Gallatin Galleries 1 Washington Place @ Broadway. Well worth a look if you’re in the area . . . or even if you’re not.

Three Day Workshop – Fun and Success

The Three Day Workshop I ran at the Farmington Valley Art Center in Avon, CT was a success and, I think, fun for all; especially me.
The students left with a stash of their own painted and paste papers, a new monoprinting technique and lots of enthusiasm for mixed media artwork. I’m looking forward to more classes and meeting more students there. Here are some images of the artists hard at work.