Monthly Archives: January 2012

Union Square Banjo Dobro Duo

This pair was putting out some really good sound in Union Square. You don’t see a dobro all that often. I especially liked that they worked without any amplification. Don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit tired of buskers with electric guitars hooked up to car batteries.

Outsider Art Fair 2012

Got to the Outsider Art Fair yesterday. While much of the art is gradually getting, over time, a little less ‘outsidery”, it is still a fascinating slice of the art world and our world as seen by some very special people. Here are a few images:


The Outsider Art Fair continues through Sunday at 7 West 34th Street (nr 5th Avenue).


Take a steam?

My husband and I were strolling East 10th Street when we saw this very interesting establishment between 1st and 2nd Ave. A guy coming out while the pic was being taken said, “Hey, brother, come on in and try it. I come every day”. Wondering what “it” is?

Unversal Symbols

Here’s my Body of Work (aka ‘The Bundle”). 96 pieces depicting the five universal symbols – Circle, Square, Triangle, Equilateral Cross and Spiral.

They are, I think, ready to be let out into the cold, cruel NYC are market looking for a gallery show and, hope of hopes, some buyers. Wish me luck and please offer any tips for success you may have.

Lynn’s BAL Sketchbook for the 2012 project

Tell me what you think of my submission for this year’s Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project. My theme “Along The Line” took a few detours here and there but it was still great fun to do. What do you think?


Momix Botanica

It was a New Year’s Eve treat to see the last performance at The Joyce of Momix Botanica. The music, the visuals, the dancing, the troupe were all stunning.
Here’s a Youtube link to some exerpts