Monthly Archives: November 2011

Big Score at BB&B

Hit it big today in the bargin bin at the Bed, Bath and Beyond on 6th Ave. Peanut Oil, Seafood Stock and, wait for it, 12 Organic Blue Corn Masa Flour Taco Shells – all at 50% off. Oh, happy days!

Holiday Cards in a Minute

Join me at The Inkpad on Thursday, December 8 from 7:15-9:30 PM for a class in Holiday fun and learning. Try your hand at abstract expressionism as you paint a sheet of paper with shimmering holiday colors. One sheet yields many cards with this easy free-stylr technique. This is your chance to use all those metallic pens, paint and glitter. Leave class with two styles of Holiday cards and one ornament. $35. More at

Tiger by the tail??

I both enjoyed and learned many new things at last week’s seminar on art for Creative Aging. The multi-faceted participants from across North America provided a great mix for the presentations and discussion. There was also some fun time to make an inkblot tiger.

Tissue Transformation

My class at The Inkpad on 7th Ave and 13th St. using tissue and inks was a fine success with everyone enjoying and learning.

Susan, a student, said “your asides as to how to use these creations (with stamps, collage etc) were most helpful and will allow me to take them in other directions. Thanks.” Stayed tuned for more collaborative opportunities around “Mighty Manhattan” and elsewhere.

Matta at Pace in Chelsea

Fourteen, often monumental, works but the surrealist Roberto Sebastian Antonio Matta Echuarren, aka Matta, opened last night at The Pace Gallery, 534 W. 25th. The piece here measures 13 x 27 feet covering a huge wall. I could see his architectural training in several of the works including the one below. Great use of color and form.