Monthly Archives: October 2011

Today’s surreal

On a (weatherwise) surreal day in Manhattan, we saw the world premier of a new drama by Adam Rapp, “Dreams of Flying; Dreams of Falling

A surreal adventure into an opulent home and dinner party in Connecticut. Excellent dialogue with rapid fire action and enough twists for everyone . . . . not to mention a good dose of dark humor along the way.


This is “Hazel”. He (I know, I know . . . not my cat to name) like to survey his kingdom (a corner of 8th Avenue and 22nd Street) from his warm and cozy clay throne in front of the local florist’s shop.

Mixed Media Workshop

I’m off to Avon, CT this weekend to teach a two day Mixed Media Workshop at the Farmington Valley Art Center. It’ll be great to see some old friends among the students and make some new ones.

Soundcheck in Chelsea

II had a really fine afternoon with a live broadcast of WNYC’s Soundcheck with John Schaefer from the Chelsea Market. The show focused on electronics in music . . . also a free burrito bar and drinks. I almost won an iPad . . .darn.

Scotch Kiss

Learned, yesterday afternoon, that there are, at least, three kinds of a “Scotch Kiss”; a candy, a surprise from a Scot and the wonderful play by Brandon Walker that’s having its world premier by The Seeing Place Theater company on W. 54th Street. An excellent “dracomedy” on the joys of aging and family. It was a fine companion piece to “Closer” that my AS and I saw last weekend. Based on these two, I highly recommend you give this company and their intimate space a try . . . . and here’s a better image of the very dramatic, disused elevator shaft in the building.

Mixed Media and Collage

If you’re interested in Mixed Media and Collage there are two fine shows currently on at the Pace Gallery on E. 57th and Spainerman Modern on E. 58th. Well worth the trip “uptown”.

Occupy Wall Street – some images

Joined up with “Occupy Wall Street” a few days ago. A very intense, dedicated group.

They do seem to be playing “pick up ball” and. perhaps, need to find a focus.

One way to do that might be to focus on the movement to Abolish Corporate Personhood (

Mixed Media Collage Workshop

I’ll be conducting a two day workshop on Mixed Media Collage at the Farmington Valley Art Center in Avon, CT on October 22nd and 23rd. This is your opportunity to expand your techniques using paint, paper and images. Sign up now at


Saw “Closer” at the Seeing Place Theater on 54th last night. An excellent, believable, dramatic play about four people who almost find their way by a fine young company . . . and the building has this really cool staircase (used to be an elevator) that would do for a James Bond movie.

Looking forward to “Scotch Kiss” at the same venue next weekend.